Zoom is the platform used for live webinars. Download Zoom ahead of time on either PC or mobile device if you have not yet HERE.

Ardent SOLVE is designed for our enrolled students to review recorded lessons, submit homework and quiz electronically. Your student needs to log into our parent portal, eLearning.ArdentAcademy.com 5 minutes before the live webinar for the specific Zoom link.

Summer 2020 Ardent Research Program applications are now open! The Ardent Research Program helps students develop skills in bibliographic research, research methodology, mathematical and computational tools, and effective communication of research results. Students participate in group classes, web-based collaboration, individual meetings, and receive research assistance while conducting research at Ardent Academy or with a student-selected mentor at a university, medical center, or research institute. Students who are able to complete a project will have the opportunity to enter local, state and/or national science competitions. Students must complete an application and be approved before registering.

Congratulations to these AMC 8 top scorers!



Honor Roll of Distinction: Scored in the top 1% Nationally
Chen, Sophia
Gan, Katelyn J
Hiraoka, Daichi
Lai, Devin Y
Liu, Emily
Lu, Vivian
Park, Justin
Wang, Kai
Zhang, Aidan
Honor Roll Certificate: Scored in the top 5% Nationally

Cao, Jiahao
Chen, Jesse
Chen, Kenneth
Chen, Timothy
Chian, Anne D
Dai, Mike
Deng, William
Fang, Ziyan
Ghosh, Aisheek
Hua, Katherine
Huang, Audrey
Jian, Michael C
Kim, Joelle M
Lee, Derek T
Li, Kevin
Logu, Kashvi
Luo, Raymond
Mukherjee, Aryan
Muvvala, Suhrith
Ouyang, Nathan
Qian, Andrew R
Shi, Cloris
Song, Caleb
Song, Jerry J
Tang, Sabrina
Vansomphone, Arin P
Wang, Alex
Wong, Jayden
Yang, Sophia
Zeng, Forrest
Zhang, Kairui
Certificate of Achievement: Students in grade 6 and below who scored over a 15 on the AMC 8 
Cao, Jiahao
Chen, Timothy
Dai, Mark
Dai, Mike
Huang, Audrey
Huang, Marissa
Jian, Michael C
Kang, Austin
Karnik, Nikita S
Ke, Hannah
Kim, Grace
Kuang, Raymond
Lee, Edward P
Lee, Jake
Lee, Tyler
Liu, Lawrence B
Logu, Kashvi
Menaker, Markker
Morris, Phoebe K
Tang, Jaden
Wang, Alex
Wang, Siyuan S
Wu, Bowen
Yeh, Kelly
Zhang, Edward
Zeng, Forrest
Zhu, Eric
Zhu, Liran

Ardent Academy


TO: Students, Parents, & Staff of Ardent Academy

FROM: Ardent Academy Management

DATE: January 29, 2020

RE: Public Health Notice for 2019-nCoV and Seasonal Influenza

The safety of our students and staff is our top priority. In light of the recent Coronavirus outbreak, we are implementing mandatory guidelines to help safeguard our community. We have placed hand sanitizers and thermometers at each campus’ front desk and are continuing to frequently sanitize our facilities. For students who choose to stay home, we also are beginning to offer optional online webinars for select classes.

This implementation will require a group effort between our staff and families. We ask for your cooperation with the following practices:

  1. Stay home when you are sick. Ardent closely monitors community members and reserves the right to remove anyone from class who shows signs of sickness.
  2. If you had any visitors from China over the past two weeks, please stay home.
  3. Avoid close contact.
  4. Cover your mouth and nose. Cough and sneeze into your sleeve rather than into your hands or into the air. Feel free to wear face masks.
  5. Clean your hands frequently and thoroughly.
  6. Stay calm and practice health habits.

Let’s work together to stay strong. Thank you!

Can't make it to our Winter Bootcamps? Have no fear! Prepare for the AMC 10 with our four-week intensive practice.

Leading up to the 2020 AMC 10, we will be offering a four-week intensive prep course for 7-10 grade students to prepare for the exam. It is designed to be a rigorous review for students to practice test-taking strategies and go over topics covered on the exam. This class is not for students previously enrolled in Winter Math Olympiad Bootcamps. These intensive practices will take place from January 12 to February 2 on Sundays from 1-4 PM at Ardent Northwood.


Zoom Setup Instructions Monday, 16 March 2020
2019 AMC 8 Top Scorers Wednesday, 08 January 2020
2020 AMC 10 Intensive Practice Friday, 13 December 2019