In a recent meta-analysis of 39 studies, research has shown that long vacations disrupt the learning cycle and can lead to absolute losses, especially in mathematics. Students test one-tenth of a standard deviation lower when they return to school in the fall.

Designed for students who have completed basic programming training in Python or Java, the bootcamp will focus on the development of a showcase project in the form of a web, iOS, or Android app. Students will learn how to use industrial app development tools and processes to brainstorm app ideas, prototype, code review, and app submission. Students can develop their own app ideas or work on a project we provide in either individual or team settings. Mentoring will be provided through face-to-face meetings and online communication tools optimized for app developers.

Ardent Academy for Gifted Youth will host public seminars and open houses for current and prospective students and families from March 16 - May 21. Come to check out our facility, learn the comprehensive programs we offer, meet our instructors, and hear a talk by Dr. Li on gifted education and college admission planning. Parents and students are invited to these seminars.

2018 Summer Science Research applications are now open! The Science Research Program helps students develop skills in bibliographic research, research methodology, mathematical and computational tools, and effective communication of research results. Students participate in group classes, web-based collaboration, individual meetings, and receive research assistance while conducting research at Ardent Academy or with a student-selected mentor at a university, medical center or research institute. Students who are able to complete a project will have the opportunity to enter local, state and/or national science competitions. Students must complete an application and be approved before registering.

In just five short weeks, your student will learn skills that will last them a lifetime! Ardent's Spring Maker Camp I teaches students how to design architecture, build circuits, and program projects.  The five classes guarantee fun, collaboration, and innovation - don't miss your chance and enroll now!