Mathematics is the foundation to the development of a gifted student. Ardent provides two math programs. The Math Olympiad programs are available for K-12 students designed to broaden scope, add depth, and bridge gaps in mathematical skills. The Accelerated Math programs are available for grades 3-10. They are designed to help students improve their academic standings in school math classes.

Biology is the scientific study of life and living organisms. Gaining a basic understanding of biology and its core principles can open many doors for your child. Career opportunities include work in fields such as research, medicine, healthcare, the environmental sciences, education, biomathematics, and biotechnology.

Physics explains how the world around us works. Students interested in science, engineering, and technology will benefit from learning fundamental physics principles as early as possible. Unfortunately, most high schools do not teach physics until junior or senior year because of the common believe that, as an abstract mathematical subject, physics is too difficult for young students.

Computational Thinking is a problem solving method that uses computer science techniques. Advances in computing have expanded human capacity to solve problems at a scale never before imagined, using strategies that have not been available to us before. Students will learn to apply real-world math and science concepts that are needed for success in the 21st Century. Programming is quickly becoming considered as fundamental skill that everyone should have.

Chemistry plays a key role in nearly every aspect of our lives. Knowledge in this field is essential for meeting nearly all of our basic needs including food, clothing, shelter, health, energy, agriculture, and much more. Chemistry is often referred to as the central science. It is a connecting link between many other disparate fields including physics, biology, mathematics, and the environmental sciences. Helping you excel in your chemistry studies will give you a wide range of opportunities whether you decide to follow a career in medicine, industry, academia, or government.

Training tomorrow's scientists today! The Science Research Institute is designed for the student who wishes to pursue excellence in original research. Research projects are mentored by Ardent Academy faculty as well as experts in local universities and organizations.


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