Mathematics is the foundation to the development of a gifted student. For students who wish to advance past their grade level, these courses incorporate the best practices from Singapore, China, Russia, and Korea into our most comprehensive Math Olympiad and problem-solving training programs to provide greater breadth and depth than school math curricula for students in grades K-12.

Ardent Academy's Math Olympiad program is designed for students in the GATE program or equivalent at their schools. This program adds depth to the selected Common Core State Standards with a focus on multi-step word problems, mathematical thinking, and developing good study habits. In addition, students will broaden their mathematical skills by learning different problem solving strategies in a fun and stimulating environment. Students will practice these skills weekly and have the opportunity to participate in 3-4 different math competitions. We also prep students to participate in math competitions such as AMC 8/10/12/AIME/USAMO.

Our Math Olympiad courses are year-round from Summer to Spring. Students may join at any time. Pro-rated tuition is available.

Free Assessment Level and Class Placement

Our Math Olympiad programs are designed to challenge gifted students. Students are taught at least one grade level above school curriculum. All students in grades K-8 who wish to participate in our programs must take a free 30-minute math assessment test, unless they meet one of the following requirements:

  • Current Ardent Academy student in good standing
  • Student is enrolled in a GATE or APAAS program
  • Student is identified as gifted by Davidson YS, CTY, SET, EPGY, or other organizations.

Free assessment tests are available during our operating hours at both campuses. No appointment is necessary. Ultimate placement is at the discretion of the course instructor.


List of Courses

Grade Program Title
K - 1 M201 - Math Olympiad Level 1
2 M202 - Math Olympiad Level 2
3 M203 - Math Olympiad Level 3
4 M204 - Math Olympiad Level 4
5 M205 - Math Olympiad Level 5 
6 M206 - Math Olympiad Level 6
7 M207 - Math Olympiad Level 7 (AMC 8)
8 M208 - Math Olympiad Level 8 (MATHCOUNTS)
9 M209 - Math Olympiad Level 9 (AMC 10)
10 M210 - Math Olympiad Level 10 (AMC 12)
11 M211 - Math Olympiad Level 11 (AIME)
12 M212 - Math Olympiad Level 12 (USAMO)