What is Ardent College Counseling?

All students have the potential to attend their dream college but not all of them know what steps to take towards success, especially with shifting trends in college admissions. In such situations, Ardent College Counseling is here for you! Ardent Academy offers an extensive College Counseling program that focuses on mentoring students and families to achieve college application success as early as the 7th grade.

Ardent College Counseling provides individualized guidance with the following comprehensive services:

  • Academic planning, course selections, and GPA management
  • Test prep recommendation
  • Talent development and career exploration
  • Extracurricular pursuits
  • Leadership and community service
  • Summer programs and internships 
  • Competitions, research, and scholarships opportunities
  • Study skills and time management tips and strategies
  • Private high school or early entrance college applications (for 8th graders)
  • Direct medical BS/MD applications (for high school juniors and seniors only)
  • College essay brainstorming, planning, and revision (for high school juniors and seniors only)
  • College application review (for high school juniors and seniors only)
  • Mock interviews
  • Letters of recommendation
  • And more!

Types of Ardent College Counseling Agreements

  • Ardent College Counseling for Grades 7-11: Standard annual renewable contract starting in July or Mid-year contract starting in January
  • Ardent College Counseling for High School Juniors: Two years combined contract
  • Ardent College Counseling for High School Seniors: One-year contract focused on college applications

Why Join Ardent College Counseling?

For students as young as the 7th grade: Your academic track starting in middle school will lay the foundation for the rest of your academic plans in high school and onward. Now is the time to start exploring your interests and building leadership and experience.

For students in 8th and 9th grade: Now is the critical time to plan out your college pathway and for families to establish common goals and strategies to fulfill your college dreams.

For students in 11th grade: Now is the prime time to audit your current accomplishments against the profiles of your dream colleges and to kick-off your college application process.

How to Join Ardent College Counseling?

Any students in Grade 7-12 may request a free 20-minute consultation to learn more about Ardent College Counseling. Please fill out an interest form hereWe will contact you to schedule the consultation once the form has been successfully submitted.

Ardent Results

Over the past 10 years, more than 90% of Ardent Counseling’s high school graduates have attended top 30 universities with the majority of them receiving at least one admission from an Ivy League school. This year’s Class of 2021 results have been just as successful! These Counseling students have done swimmingly and have been admitted to top schools such as MIT, Columbia, UPenn, USC, and UCLA. It is our pleasure to have guided these students and their families throughout the years during their pathway to college. Ardent College Counseling is not just a service -- it is a community!

Counseling Student Spotlight

Class of 2025

Madison B.  UCLA
David L. MIT
Saurabh M. UPenn
Jackie N. Columbia
Tejal P.

Penn State/Jefferson Medical College 7-Year BS/MD Program

Cynthia Q. MIT
Norman W. USC


Class of 2024

Jack A. UC Berkeley
Sohel B. UC Berkeley
Catherine C. Harvard
Patrick C. UC Berkeley
William H. UCLA
Alex K. Stanford
Jessica L. UC Berkeley
Valentina L. Brown
Anivrit S. UCLA
Hanna S. UPenn
Nyle W. Stanford
David X. BU
Joyce Y. MIT

Class of 2023

Nicholas B. UCLA
Benjamin C. Harvard
Jocelyn H. Johns Hopkins
Pete H. UC Berkeley
Sasha K. UC Berkeley
Jenna S. UCLA
Joshua S. MIT
Vinayaka S. UC Berkeley
Alina T. UC Berkeley
Natalie Y. UPenn
Amy Z. MIT
Maggie Z. MIT


Class of 2022

Anita G. Stanford
Ellen G. Wellesley
Jeff G. UC Berkeley
Linghao K. Columbia
Michelle K. Columbia
Nathan K. MIT
Bryan L. Carnegie Mellon
Lucy L. UC Berkeley
Jennifer P. MIT
Nitya P. MIT
Jack S. UC Irvine
Ritu S. Wash U St. Louis
Matthew T. UC Berkeley
Veronica T. Harvard
Brent U. UC Santa Barbara
David W. UC Berkeley
Michael W. Harvard
Michelle X. Stanford
Sherry X. Yale


Class of 2021

Annie C. Stanford
Jenny C. MIT
Kevin C. MIT
Michelle C. Harvard
Lucy G. UC San Deigo
Anna L. Harvard
Justin L. Cornell
Minh-Thi N. Princeton
Will R. U Chicago
Lia T. MIT
Winnie W. Harvard
Jason Y. MIT


Class of 2020

Jamie G. UC Berkeley
Claire H. MIT
Charles N. MIT
Henry S. Caltech


Class of 2019

Tatiana B. Caltech
Ryan L. Yale
Jennifer M. MIT
Eric X. Stanford


Class of 2018

Dennis S. CalTech
Wendy W. MIT
Hang Y. Stanford


Class of 2017

Christian L. Harvard
Vicky Y. MIT
Elisa Y. MIT
Alex Z. Stanford


Class of 2016 

Leon Y. Stanford

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