Congratulations to the following Ardent students on their success at the Orange County Science and Engineering Fair!


Nacham A, 3rd Place, Microbiology & Cell Biology
Matthew C, 1st Place, Botany Application
Clara C, 2nd Place, Cognitive Science

Shaili C, Honorable Mention, Applied Mechanics
Alexandra I, 3rd Place, Physical Product Science
Elena J, 2nd Place, Behavioral Sciences
Nikita K, 3rd Place, Cognitive Science
Shaurya M, 2nd Place, Mathematics & Software
Phoebe M, 1st Place, Cognitive Science
Cloris S, 2nd Place, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Melody Y, 1st Place, Electricity & Electronics


Sabreen A, 2nd Place, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Anthony F, 3rd Place, Environmental Science
Shrey G, 3rd Place, Physiology & Medical Biology
Daichi H, Honorable Mention, Fluid & Aerodynamics
Katherine H, 2nd Place, Electricity & Electronics
Alex H, 3rd Place, Mathematics & Software
Min K, 2nd Place, Mathematics & Software
Tane K, 3rd Place, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Alex L, 2nd Place, Fluids & Aerodynamics
Eric L, 2nd Place, Microbiology & Cell Biology
Pranav M, 2nd Place, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Raghav M, 3rd Place, Biological Product Sciences
Nithin P, 1st Place, Physiology & Medical Biology
Ming Q, Honorable Mention, Mathematics & Software
Dylan S, 1st Place, Mathematics & Software
Lauren V, 2nd Place, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Andy X, Honorable Mention, Behavioral Sciences
Langdan Z, 3rd Place, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology


Anthony F, CWEA, OC Water District, National Water Research Institute
Katherine H, SPIE The International Society for Optics & Photonics
David K, Harald Biessman Memorial Award
Alex L, American Institute of Aerodynamics & Astronautics
Chloe L, American Association for Clinical Chemistry
Cloris S, American Association for Clinical Chemistry
Melody Y, The Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation Chapman Award
Langdan Z, Harald Biessman Memorial Award


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