Congratulations Ardent 2022 AIME Qualifiers

The following students met or exceeded the necessary score on the AMC 10/12 to qualify for the 2022 American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME)! Congratulations to these all-star math students and good luck as they prepare for the AIME this month! We're so proud of you all.

Angela C
Yufei C
Joshua C
Brian D
Sophia D
Yuanyuan D
Benjamin F
Victoria F
Ziyan (Timi) F
Andrew G
Benlin G
Brandon G
Katelyn G
Shrey G
Vivian G
Audrey H
Calvin H
Daichi H
Kevin H
Marissa H
Hannah J
John I
Michael J
Brian K
David K
Joelle K
Justin K
Om K

Rahul K
Rishauv K
Tane K
Brendan L
Derek L
Emily L
Eric L
Eric L
Jack L
Jason L
Kristine L
Michael L
Matthew L
Victor L
Nathan O
Ryan O
Austin P
Sanjula P
Joshua Q
Ming Q
Andrew R
James R
Aditya S
Brian S
Cloris S
David S
Easton S
James S

Joshua S
Sohun S
Surya S
Minh T
Sabrina T
Arin V
Alex W
Jay W
Junyi W
Kai W
Yihan W
Anna X
Brandon Y
Ethan Y
Jonathan Y
Minerva Y
Yuchan Y
Adriana Z
Aidan Z
Alen Z
Eric Z
Kairui (Kerry) Z
Liran Z
Marvin Z
Oliver Z
Tony Z
Yilan Z
Zhe Z

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