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Caroline D. Bradley Scholars at Ardent Academy

The Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship is a full four-year, merit-based high school scholarship that covers high school tuition, room and board, and all personal expenses, a value totaling over $250,000 per recipient. We are incredibly proud of our Ardent CDB scholars and the hard work they've exhibited so far. Excited to see what they will accomplish in their futures.

2022 Caroline D. Bradley Scholar

Edward Z, 8th Grade

Rancho San Joaquin Middle School

Congratulations to Edward Z for being one of the 28 National Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship Award Winners! He is an Ardent College Counseling student who has also worked for Ardent Academy as one of our youngest ever teaching assistants.

2020 Caroline D. Bradley Scholars

Katelyn G, 8th Grade

Jeffrey Trail Middle School

Matthew C, 8th Grade

South Lake Middle School

Congratulations to Katelyn and Matthew, 2020 Caroline D. Bradley (CDB) Scholarship Award Winners! Both Ardent College Counseling students, Katelyn and Matthew were among the nationally chosen CDB Scholars after a yearlong application process.

2019 Caroline D. Bradley Scholar

Sophia C, 9th Grade

Sage Hill School

In past years, Ardent Counseling has guided students into successfully winning CDB Scholarships, including 2019 CDB Scholar Sophia C. Sophia was an 8th grade Ardent Counseling student at the time she received the honor. Ardent College Counseling is grateful to have been a part of her journey. We look forward to guiding more students towards achieving their goals!

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