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Science Programs

Ardent Academy's innovative Science Programs emphasize learning by "doing" through problem-solving, hands-on exploration, and scientific experimentation. Students will be prepared to participate in science fairs and competitions.

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Young Scientists & Engineers

Our Young Scientists and Engineers Program aims to train tomorrow’s scientists and engineers today! Students will learn to process thoughts logically, develop observational skills, and continuously expand their curiosities through a scientific approach. Our topics are approximately one to two grade levels ahead of the science curriculum taught in school.

Each student will learn to combine creativity with a passion for problem-solving. Students will engage in questioning, problem solving, collaboration, and hands-on activities to address real life problems.

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Middle School Science Olympiad

This course is designed for students in grades 5-6 interested in learning about Science Olympiad and experimental biology at an accelerated pace. The 10-week long session involves lessons approximately one to two years ahead of science taught in school.


Each session covers a focus within concepts of biology, chemistry, physics, programming, and engineering. We introduce a new topic weekly with a lecture followed by a lab-based project. For each project, students start with a scientific question, learn background knowledge, develop hypothesis, conduct experiments, then analyze and present their data via lab reports, group discussions, and presentations.

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Our Biology programs promote curiosity and ingenuity, and will provide students with a foundational understanding of basic biological principles, laboratory techniques, and scientific writing. In addition to fostering scientific investigation and developing scientific minds, our laboratories and exploratory activities aim to make each class more tangible and applicable to the student's life.

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Ardent Chemistry programs provide students with opportunities to utilize their critical thinking skills and learn to appreciate what makes up the world around us. In addition to preparing students for AP Chemistry courses in school and taking the AP Chemistry test, our programs lay a strong foundation for those interested in pursuing careers in healthcare, engineering, pharmacology, research, veterinary medicine, or any STEM related field.

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Through our Physics programs, students will build qualitative and quantitative reasoning in physical thinking. Students will learn critical skills in scientific inquiry, investigation, modeling, diagramming, unit analysis, laboratory techniques, and data analysis. 


In addition to preparing students for AP, our curriculum uniquely integrates preparation for elite physics competitions to achieve synergy while learning. Top students have the opportunity to compete and excel in the USA Physics Olympiad competition.

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Trial Classes Risk-Free!

Interested in a program but not ready to commit? Call us at (949) 861-2211 for a trial.

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Learn Anytime, Anywhere

Synchronous and asynchronous learning for flexibility. Virtual homework and quiz submission with immediate feedback.


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Complimentary Office Hours

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