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Ardent Orange County Science & Engineering Fair Winners

The Orange County Science and Engineering Fair (OCSEF) is an annual event organized to encourage students to learn about science, and to consider a career in science or engineering. Students not only have the opportunity to learn and implement the scientific method and engineering design principles, but also the the social skills of communication and collaboration and the confidence to be successful in the 21st century.

2022 OCSEF Winners

​Junior Division (Grades 6-8)

​Senior Division (Grades 9-12)

Amber L: Reducing Reactive Oxygen Species Through Nanotechnology

  • Honorable Mention in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

​Adela S: The Effect of Neem Oil and Eucalyptus Oil on Plant Growth

  • 1st Place in Botany Applications

  • Special Award: Arnold & Mabel Beckman Chapman Award

Audrey and Marissa H: Analyzing Asian Hate Through Social Media Data

  • 1st Place in Behavioral Sciences

Mari I: Predicting Alzheimer’s Disease Using Electroencephalography and Machine Learning

  • 2nd Place in Cognitive Science

  • Special Award: American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC), Southern California Section

Braden Y: What Combination of Video Characteristics Will Maximize Viewership?

  • 3rd Place in Behavioral Sciences

Ming Q: Modeling the Action Potentials of Heart Cells with Brugada Syndrome

  • Honorable Mention in Physiology/Medical Biology

  • Special Award: American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC), Southern California Section

Gene Y: “Zing” Through Zinc: Zinc supplements augment growth in Brassica oleracea

  • Honorable Mention in Botany

Samantha L: Protection and Prevention: How UVR Affects Yeast Colony Growth

  • 2nd Place in Microbiology and Cell Biology

Jacob C: Frequency Dependent Sound Absorption

  • 3rd Place in Physics/Astronomy

Sophia D: Musical Computers: A Study to Build on Music Recognition Software

  • 3rd Place in Mathematics and Software

Kayla R: The True Color of Caffeine: The Effect of Caffeine on Cognitive Interference

  • 1st Place in Cognitive Science

Lakshmi C: Honey Encryption: A Nightmare for Cyber Criminals

  • 2nd Place in Mathematics and Software

Luke S: Specialized Training on Arm Stress and Pitching Performance

  • 2nd Place in Cognitive Science

Mahima W: Cavities, Here I Come! The Antibacterial Activity of the extract from Plectranthus amboinicus (Indian Borage) vs from Azadirachta indica (Neem) on the dental caries causing bacteria Streptococcus mutans

  • 1st Place in Pharmacology/Toxicology

Mark M: Monitoring Health of Elderly Using Machine Learning Anomaly Detection

  • 1st Place in Physiology/Medical Biology

Nikita K: Can Microsatellite Distribution Be Used to Classify Beta-Coronaviruses?

  • 2nd Place in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

Rhea S: Silent But Deadly: SmartM Detector to Reduce Food Waste

  • 2nd Place in Electricity and Electronics

  • Special Award: Energy Coalition

  • Special Award: Los Angeles Society of Petroleum Engineers

Sailee C: How Much Plastic Are You Drinking? Detecting Microplastics in Drinking Water

  • 2nd Place in Environmental Science/Environmental Engineering

  • Special Award: Orange County Water District

Zoe T: Using Artificial Intelligence to Accelerate the Identification of Novel Treatment Targets for SARS-CoV-2

  • 2nd Place in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

2020 OCSEF Winners

Junior Division (Grades 6-8)

​Senior Division (Grades 9-12)

​Aryush, 6th Grade

  • Orange County Water District Award


  • Special Award, American Inst. of Aero/Astro

​Christine, 7th Grade

  • 2nd Place, Microbiology and Cell Biology

  • Broadcom MASTERS Qualifier

​Dylan, 9th Grade

  • 1st Place, Math & Software

​Haaris, 7th Grade

  • 1st Place, Microbiology and Cell Biology

​Katherine, 9th Grade

  • Honorable Mention, Electricity & Electronics

  • Broadcom MASTERS Qualifier

​Raghav, 8th Grade

  • 1st Place, Biological Product Science

​Nithin, 10th Grade

  • 1st Place, Electricity and Electronics

Ryan, 7th Grade

  • 2nd Place, Electricity & Electronics

  • Office of Naval Research Special Award

Sabreen, 10th Grade

  • 1st Place, Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

  • NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing

​Taeho, 7th Grade

  • Honorable Mention, Energy Conversion

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