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Ardent Success at Broadcom MASTERS

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Broadcom MASTERS is a program launched by the Society for Science and is recognized as a premier middle school STEM competition. Each year, the top 10% of students from certain SSP-affiliated regional and state science fairs across the nation are eligible for entry in the Broadcom MASTERS competition.

Ardent 2022 Broadcom MASTERS Qualifiers:

These qualifiers have been nominated as among the top 10% of middle school science fair projects in the US.

  • Audrey and Marissa H: Analyzing Asian Hate Through Social Media Data

  • Kayla R: The True Color of Caffeine: The Effect of Caffeine on Cognitive Interference

  • Lakshmi C: Honey Encryption: A Nightmare for Cyber Criminals

  • Mahima W: Cavities, Here I Come!

  • Mark M: Monitoring Health of Elderly Using Machine Learning Anomaly Detection

  • Rhea S: Silent But Deadly: SmartM Detector to Reduce Food Waste

  • Warren “Bradley” F: The Effect of Overhang Length on the Indoor Temperature of a House

2021 Top 300 Broadcom MASTERS:

These students have been placed as Top 300 MASTERS, and will receive $125 courtesy of DoD STEM.

Clara C, Grade: 8th

Orange County School of the Arts

Phoebe M, Grade: 7th

Orange County School of the Arts

Cloris S, Grade: 8th

Jeffrey Trail Middle School

Alexandra I, Grade: 6th

Turtle Rock Elementary School

Hailey V, Grade: 8th

Jeffrey Trail Middle School

Zoe W, Grade: 7th

Sam H. Lawson Middle School

2020 Top 30 Broadcom MASTERS:

All finalists receive a $500 cash award and will compete for over $100,000 in prizes in the final round.

Ryan H, Grade: 7th

The Pegasus School

Check out Ryan's feature in the LA Times!

Ryan previously attended Ardent Summer Research and you can read more about his project, A Machine Learning Driven IOT Sensor Network for Early Detection and Growth Prediction of Wildfires/COVID-19, by clicking here.

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